😷 Due to COVID-19 we are suspending all live gatherings. Join us online every Sunday at https://altered.church/athome or see how you can help us serve the needs of our community with our COVID-19 Task Force! 👊🏻

Altered At Home!

We wish we could have all been together to worship today, but we had to change our plans! Luckily, we've put together an alternative worship experience. This self-guided worship experience will allow you to worship on your own or with your family and also continue to interact with our church. Scroll down through this page one section at a time, so that you can interact section by section, or skip to the end and watch the Livestream as a continuous church service.



Cabo Mission Trip!

This Sept we are sending a group to Cabo Mexico!

1 Week in Cabo with Los Ruples serving some of the most impoverished people in North America. Don't miss the experience of a lifetime!

You will be staying in a 4 bedroom Airbnb(houses up to 10 people) that we have been blessed with the opportunity to use for missions trips, it is an extremely beautiful house with a pool and Jacuzzi so that you can relax your muscles after a hard days work. While in Cabo you will eat some of the most authentic Mexican meals you will have ever had, but don't worry, you won't get sick, because we have already found the places that you get sick at from eating, and we won't be taking you to those places.

Sign Up to Go!

Join Our COVID - 19 Task Force

We are creating a COVID-19 task force to help care for people in the community impacted by this terrible virus.

Currently, we have funding, and a team of volunteers ready to perform many community focused actions.

We’ve taken on a HUGE task here so we will likely need some help with volunteers and funding. 

We believe with a great deal of conviction that this is what the CHURCH was created for.

if you want to volunteer as a driver or delivery person please register here:

Register to help!

Give Online

We are coming off our THREE BEST months of online giving. This is great news but with no in-person meetings for at least the next several months we are in desperate need of consistency among our people! Please continue to give.

We have started a task force to help with those impacted by the Corona Virus. Please consider giving to this fund AFTER your regular giving. It is more critical that you contribute to the general budget than give to the COVID-19 fund, but yes we need your help. Be more generous than ever before!

Songs of Worship

We'd like to encourage you to take a few minutes to listen to some songs of worship. Sing along or just worship along in your heart. Listen to a few of the songs below. Turn your attention to God and what He might have to say to you today.

Message- The Grace of the In-Between

We are all searching for the Instagram style, "highlight real" existence. But what happens when things dont go according to plan? What happens when we fail or dont measure up to our own standard or the standard the world sets for us? Pastor Aaron has a word sure to encourage in today's message, "The Grace of the In-Between"

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Let us know how we can pray for you today. Our prayer team is standing by to pray for requests as they are submitted.


  • We have a whole team of people who are dedicated to prayer. If you leave this box checked, we'll be sure they are notified so they can join with us.