Take the Next Step

Discover God's best for YOUR life.

We want you to THRIVE in the love and compassion of Christ. This happens best in the context of CHURCH. Let us help you get the most out of your experience with Jesus by leading you through a process of growth and discovery.

NXT Steps is a special experience just for you. It's designed to help you understand Altered Church; its past and future. More importantly, NXT Steps will help you understand God, His purpose for your life, and how you can grow in relationship with Him through the local church.

What to Expect

NXT Step is about connection. We want to use this time to help you connect with the church, connect with each other, and most importantly with God. Expect conversation, laughter, and insight as you explore God's best in YOUR life.

Is This a Membership Class?

The moment you walk through the doors of Altered Church you are a member of OUR family. Our ultimate goal is that you invite Christ into your heart and become a member of GOD's eternal family. We believe NXT Steps helps you complete that journey and equips you to thrive in the life of the church, which we believe, is the hope of the world.

Session 1

Gather and Learn

Session 1 focuses on three things. Understanding the story of Altered Church. Understanding what it means to know God. Understanding how to THRIVE in the local church. When you leave you will feel equipped and ready to discover the HOW of Christian growth.

Session 1 meets the FIRST Sunday of each month

Session 2

Connect and Serve

Session 2 focuses on two things. First, we want to discuss the special purpose God has for your life and the unique gifts He has given you. We will discover these gifts and how they translate into the many teams that drive Altered Church.

Second, we will discuss the special role community plays in the life of the believer and how you can discover life giving community in the context of Altered Church.

Session 2 meets the SECOND Sunday of each month